LED mini CC driver 900 mA

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Universal current source 900 mA with a wide input voltage (8 ~ 48 V DC) with an efficiency of up to 97% and with a higher degree of protection IP67 and higher operating temperatures.


Universal constant current mini driver – step down (buck) LED driver.

The small dimensions offers great potential use in various applications! If you do not want standard streams can be adjusted according to request in the range of 200-1000 mA.

For power supply must use a constant voltage source in the range allowed. Driver is protected against reverse polarity at the input terminals.


  • wide input voltage range
  • constant output current
  • high efficiency up to 97 %
  • short-circuit protection
  • open and short LED protection
  • protection against undervoltage at the input
  • thermal overload protection
  • high lifetime and resistance to high temperatures is guaranteed by the use of high-quality ceramic capacitors only
  • small dimensions and easy installation


Input voltage 8 to 48 V DC
Output voltage 3.2 to 45 V DC
Output current 900 mA
Efficiency 97%
Min. input voltage Vled + 3 V
Dimmable NO
Protection IP67
Operating ambient temperature -40 to +65°C
Dimensions 49x31x12 mm


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