LED dimmable driver 1500 mA

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LDT151-1500 Universal DIMMABLE constant current driver 1500 mA for 2 to 7 high-bright LED.


Dimmable constant current source 1500 mA (1.5A) – lowering LED driver. Especially for 2 to 7 power LEDs.

An ordinary return button can be used for dimming, where a short press can be used to switch the connected LED on / off and a long press to regulate the intensity. When using multiple drivers, the control inputs can be connected and all drivers can be controlled centrally from one place. Connect the LED luminaires to the LDT151-1500, use a suitably sized central constant voltage source for power supply and connect the return button to the CONTROL control input. It is necessary to use constant voltage sources in the allowed range to supply the drivers.


  • wide input voltage range
  • constant output current
  • high efficiency up to 96 %
  • processor controlled functions
  • short-circuit protection
  • open and short LED protection
  • universal input for intelligent control (ON, OFF, dimming)
  • protection against undervoltage at the input
  • thermal overload protection
  • smooth start of light intensity after turn on
  • memory of the last set intensity
  • high lifetime and resistance to high temperatures is guaranteed
    by the use of high-quality ceramic capacitors only
  • small dimensions and easy installation
Input voltage 12 to 50 V DC
Output voltage 6 to 24 V DC
Output current 1500 mA
Efficiency 96 %
Min. input voltage Vled + 3.5 V
Dimmable YES
Protection IP67
Operating ambient temperature -40 to +50°C
Dimensions 72x44x22 mm



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